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Selection of electric hoist

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The selection of electric hoist should focus on the basic parameters of electric hoist and the quality of electric hoist.
Basic parameters of outdoor electric hoist:
1. Lifting height: As a lifting tool, electric hoist has strict requirements on lifting height. Therefore, the height of lifting weight should be selected according to the height of your factory. The normal lifting height is 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 30m. For special occasions, non-standard design can be made according to the requirements of users.
2. Speed: General electric cable hoists lifting speed can be divided into single speed and double speed, generally in the case of no special requirements often choose single speed electric hoist, such as the working condition of your requirement in the process of ascension weight should be under the condition of accurate positioning, easy to use double speed electric hoist, under normal circumstances, the speed determines your work efficiency, the high speed of electric hoist, the more can improve the efficiency of you.
3. Motor power: The motor used by different electric hoist is not necessarily identical. The same 10t electric hoist motor may be 13KW or 7.5kw.
4. Voltage: Electric hoist is used in all industries, so the voltage adopted by electric hoist is different. It has 380V industrial electricity and 220V private electricity, and even a series of non-standard power sources such as 440V, 60HZ, 380V and 60HZ.
5. Installation method: Electric hoist can be divided into electric trolley type and fixed type, which can be divided into upper fixation and lower fixation. Users can choose electric hoist that is suitable for your installation mode according to your actual situation.
6. The distance between the bottom surface of i-beam and the center of electric hoist hook: Attention should be paid to the space between the upper and lower hooks of electric hoist when choosing, because there will be specific requirements on the hook space of electric hoist in certain workshops. If you have strict requirements on the hook space, lower clearance hoist can meet your requirements.
Quality of electric hoist:
Electric chain hoist as lifting equipment, safety is the top priority we should consider, which requires us to strictly consider the quality of electric hoist when choosing electric hoist.
In general, the quality of electric hoist is judged from the following aspects, which is the procurement stage before the goods are seen. In general, the origin, material, model of motor, the brand and price of electric hoist should be inquired firstly.

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