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Safety requirements for electric winch

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(1) The installation distance of the electric winch shall be 15 meters beyond the lifting distance of the heavy object, such as the mast crane, the distance shall not be less than the mast height.

(2) The distance from the center of the reel to the nearest guide block shall be more than 20 times the length of the reel. When the rope is wound to the core of the reel, the rope shall be perpendicular to the center line of the reel.

(3) The wire rope must be firmly fixed with the reel. The minimum allowable diameter of the reel is 16~20 times of the wire rope. When the wire rope is put into the required length, the wire rope on the reel shall not be less than 3 turns.

(4) The electric winch must be fixed firmly, solid, stable, to prevent the dumping and sliding of lifting objects.

(5) Electrical control of the winch shall be placed on the operator. All electrical equipment shall be equipped with grounding wire to prevent electric shock. Electrical switch shall be protected.

(6) Before starting, check whether the rotation of each part of the hoist is flexible and whether the braking device is reliable and sensitive.

(7) The operator must be familiar with the performance, structure and practical operation experience of the winch.

(8) When working, people are not allowed to stand within two meters around the hoist, and people are not allowed to stand on both sides of the running rope and around the guide pulley.

(9) When the best electric winch is running, the movement should be steady and even. When lifting heavy objects, it should be lifted slowly first. When the running rope has been tightened, it is forbidden to suddenly start up and accelerate violently.

(10) It is forbidden to use the winch for lifting load, not to suspend the weight in mid-air, and not to stay or walk under the hanging objects.

(11) The operation of the winch to be strictly done, the signal is unknown, the steel rope run off, the load brake does not work.

(12) After the small electric winch stops working, cut off the power supply, put the controller to the zero position, tighten the brake with the safety brake, and run the rope to put wood.

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