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Safety measures for using bridge cranes

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Crane as a large industrial production, metallurgy technology, mechanical equipment in the important lifting equipment, its safety and reliability requirements are higher, bridge crane is no exception. For the sake of safety, a safety switch will be set on the truck of the bridge crane, and a safety limit switch and an electromagnetic lock system will be set on the trolley and the main hook. These measures effectively protect the safe operation of the crane.
Limit switches such as beam, trolley and main hook are included in the limit device of bridge crane. Among them, the direct moving travel switch is used to make its contact connected or disconnected by moving objects colliding with movable parts, so as to realize the smooth circuit. In the process of work, the crane is not always in the starting state, belongs to intermittent machine, non-stop start or stop, so in the lifting mechanism of the bridge crane, operation mechanism, rotating mechanism are equipped with a specific brake device, so as to prevent the overhead crane from safety accidents.
The programmable controller in the bridge crane is the control core of the crane, which is in charge of the opening and disconnection of the master command controller, limit device, switch button and so on. Considering that the position limit switch of the trolley must be installed properly after the trolley hits the limit switch and cuts off the power of the motor and stops the motor, the trolley has to travel a braking distance. The trolley's driving device is driving, braking, transmission combined with the three-effect of the driving device, its advantages are relatively compact structure, their own weight is relatively light, light and convenient device, the operation is also relatively stable and reliable, the only drawback is that this mechanism is more time-consuming and laborious, maintenance is a little difficult.

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