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Safety Operation Rules of Launcher Girder Crane

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Launcher girder crane is a very helpful bridge building equipment, which can be divided into road, highway and high speed railway building works. To operate the launcher girder crane safely and finish construction task in time, it is vital to pay attention to the safe operation rules of this device. In fact, lots of customers and investors barely know about its warnings, and Hengyuan Crane Machinery will introduce it specifically as those items listed:

First, the erecting height of the both sides of launcher girder crane should be equal to horizontal level to maintain its stability. The front, middle and rear legs should have equal spacing, and the three tracks must be parallel.

Second, the longitudinal movement of launcher girder crane must be finished in one time with no halfway stop. After installation, the launcher girder crane must carry out load hanging testing, and users should only start the machine when the trial finishes smoothly.  

Then, users should conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of each installation hole, and they should stop working immediately and adopt corresponding treatment if founded problems. It is totally forbidden to overload goods or lift the goods obliquely. 

Finally, it is totally prohibited to conduct any works in bad working conditions, such as strong wind, heavy snow and so on. 

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