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Safety Operation Precautions of Fixed Jib Crane

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Fixed jib crane is a hot product of Hengyuan Group, which is a very helpful heavy cargo lifting equipment with large lifting capacity, wide application and compact structure. To safely finish the construction task, users should pay attention to the following items:

1. The overload lifting of fixed jib crane is totally prohibited under any circumstances. Besides that, operators are prohibited to stand under the moving jib during working.

2. When the machine is used outdoors, it is necessary to install reliable rainproof measures. In addition, the appropriate machine working temperature is 25 to 40 degrees centigrade, and the humidity is less than or equal to 85 percent.

3. It is prohibited to lift molten metal, toxic, flammable and explosive materials. Before operation, users need check whether the connection parts are firmly connected or not, whether the assembly meets the requirements or not and whether the power supply is in accordance with the regulations or not. In addition, the circuit should be correct, the brake and the limiting device should be sensitive and reliable. Once found problems, users should solve it immediately with no hesitance.

4. The operator must go through job training before operating the machine. If the weight of lift goods is close to the rated loading capacity, users should make small height of trial lifting to the minimum height at first, and they should start lifting after ensuring that it is safe and reliable. In this process, users should stop lifting right away if there is any abnormal noises. 

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