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Safety Inspection Standards and Requirement for General Parts of Crane

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Hengyuan crane co. ltd is a Lifting equipment manufacturer and service provider.We have more than 60 years Machinery manufacturing history which offers 

specialized high-end lifting equipment and advanced materials handling solutions.We provide you more safety inspection standards and requirement for general parts of crane.


Check the condition of the hook with tag and anti-drop device, its crack or flake crack; its section wear or deformation; hook neck and surface.

(2)the wire rope 

Check the type, model and pulley block matching. The clamp, line card, qi block device in the fixed side of the wire rope is in line with the requirements. The wear, broken wires, kinking and flattening, bent, broken stocks and excessive corrosion are on exceed standard or not.

(3)the drum

Check the fatigue crack, breakage of the drum body and cylinder flange; the rope groove and cylinder wall; and flexibility of the pulley.

(4)the pulleys. 

Check the anti-drop device of the pulley; the fissure damage edge and excessive wear of the pulley rope and groove; the flexibility of the pulley rotation.

(5)the wheels. 

Check fatigue crack phenomenon of the wheel tread and axle; the wear condition of the tread and wheel. If it may gnaw rail in the operation.

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