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Safety Devices Favorable To Cranes

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Crane is a kind of machinery that works cyclically.It can lift goods from the pick-up location and moves it horizontally to the designated location to drop, and then reverses the motion to bring the pickup device back in place for the next cycle.According to its different structure and function, crane is divided into different types.Generally Speaking,cranes can divide into light and small lifting equipment, bridge type lifting machinery and boom type cranes.


With the wide application of cranes,we find a lot of difficult problems in the operation of cranes.No doubt that sufficient attention should paid to safety problems.So,overhead crane should be equipped with safety devices.
1、Winches should be equipped with limiters.When the goods is lifting to 300mm,limiters can cut off the power supply so that motor stops working.Limiter is the safety device that can prevent impact between two cranes.
2、Reducer,a kind of safety device that can stopped working and make the goods stop at any height during the lift, shift, and rotate of devices.It can prevent accidents,and meet working requirements at the same time.Many accidents are caused by the disorder of reducers.so reducer is essential to cranes.

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