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Safe Operation Attention and Precautions of Electric Winch

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Electric winch is a frequently used material lifting equipment, which can be used in all kinds of construction works, such as hydropower station, ports, workshops, factories and so on. Hengyuan Group is a well-known electric winch manufacturer in China, which has rich experience and long production history. Here, we will introduce the basic operation attention to global customers in details:

1. Before working, users should check the grounding, protective facilities, electrical wiring, grounding wire, braking device and wire rope, which should be totally correct and reliable.

2. There should have no obstacles within the automatic control rod travel range of electric winch.

3. The wire rope should be arranged regularly, and it should be rearranged if out of order. It is strictly forbidden to put hands or legs onto the drum in the rotation process, which can be very dangerous.

4. Responsible operators shall not leave the winch at work, and certain objects and cage should be lowered to the ground in his brake.

5. In the operation, operators should maintain a good visibility to the lifting goods, and they should obey the unified command signal.

6. The wire rope in the drum is not supposed to release all of them, and users should generally keep for at least 3 to 4 laps in order to ensure a solid fixed end of wire rope.

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