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Safe Lifting requirements of Overhead Traveling Crane

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Overhead traveling crane is a frequently used heavy goods transferring machine, which is extensively used in all kinds of factories and workshops to lift steel and other kinds of cargoes. To ensure safe production and smooth operation, it is vital to follow certain rules and procedures in the production process.

Firstly, operators of overhead crane must have special work permission, and safety warning signs shall be set up on the lifting site in advance before starting all kinds of hoisting operations. Special personnel shall be appointed at the site for guardianship, and non construction personnel shall not be allowed to enter into the working area. 

Secondly, there should be adequate illumination at night during operation, and users should stop outside works when encounters with snow, rain, fog and strong breeze. Besides that, lifting operation personnel must wear helmets, and they should check the steel rope, wind rope, chain, hook and other equipment, which should be totally safe and reliable.
Thirdly, the division of labors must be totally clear, and every personnel must be responsible for his own work. No person shall be lift together with the hoist, specific and reliable safety measures shall be adopted under exceptional circumstances. 

At last, operators must be in accordance with the provisions of loading standard, and overloading works are totally forbidden at works. Contact us to get more product details if you have the interest.

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