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Safe Lifting Requirements of Overhead Crane

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Overhead crane is an efficient heavy goods lifting device, and the operation of overhead crane is a very complex work, and users should be very careful during the operation. Then, what factors that users should pay attention to exactly?

1.The operation personnel must have the special operation certificate, which means that he must have the ability to operate the equipment safely and correctly.

2.Before lifting, there should be evident safety warning signs, and besides that, certain personal should be responsible for supervision that non-related personnel is forbidden to enter into the lifting area.  

3.There should be adequate lighting at night for the lifting work, and users should stop the operation if encounter with heavy snow, heavy rain, fog and strong wind.

4. The lifting operation personnel must wear safety helmet at work, and the safety helmet should comply with GB 2811 regulations to ensure safety.

4.Before lifting operation, it is necessary for users to check the condition of the hoisting equipment, wire rope, chain, hook and so on. They must be safe and reliable.

5. No person shall be accompanied with the lifting of heavy objects or lifting machinery. Under special circumstances, there should have reliable measures if operators must be up and down with the lifting device.

6.The lifting load of the gantry crane should totally be in accordance with the lifting capacity of the machine, and overloading of the device is totally unacceptable.

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