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Product knowledge

  • For most of the existing electric single-beam cranes, the speed regulation is controlled by a motor, which realizes the smooth adjustment of the speed of the electric single-beam cranes.


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  • Double beam bridge crane is a kind of high performance product which has the characteristics of double beam bridge crane and cross-country crane.


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  • The electric single beam crane mainly includes three operating mechanisms: lifting operation mechanism, truck operation mechanism, trolley operation mechanism.


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  • 1. Girder structureSingle girder and double girder are different; Different main beam structure, bearing capacity is different, if it is often lifting 5 tons, appropriate to buy some larger, to avoid a certain overload, unable to complete the work, more embarrassing.


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  • The electric hoist has full speed control, and the operator can fully control the lifting speed. Electronic shifting technology eliminates the effects of positioning the workpiece and eliminates downtime.


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  • Chain hoist is smaller than wire rope hoist. Because the chain hoist adopts sprocket and chain lifting, the width of the sprocket need only reach 1.6 times of the chain. The wire rope hoist needs to wind the wire rope on the drum, and keep two to three turns on the drum.Under the condition of the sa


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  • Gantry Crane Product IntroductionThe gantry crane is suitable for the occasions where there is no corbel support in the yard and the workshop. The form is divided into semi-gantry cranes and gantry cranes, and the maximum tonnage can reach 300 tons.


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  • Overhead cranes are a commonly deployed equipment guarantee in the construction industry. They have the characteristics of wide coverage, high degree of application, and rapid spread in China's industrial system operation.


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  • The influence of ambient temperature is also one of the important factors. The construction of bridge construction machinery should control the pre-bend according to the design requirements.


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  • Main beam structure Single girder and double girder are different; different main girder structures have different bearing capacities. If it is often lifted 5 tons, it is appropriate to buy a larger one to avoid a certain overload and unable to complete the operation


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