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Precautions for using aerial work platforms in winter

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Nowadays, the use of all kinds of hydraulic work platforms is becoming more and more popular. However, due to the large temperature difference between different regions, many regions around the world have caused great inconvenience to the use of aerial lifts due to low temperature. China has entered the winter season, and the temperature in many places is already below 15 degrees or even lower. So what should be paid attention to when using the aerial work platform in winter?

First of all, the storage environment of the outdoor scissor lift should be indoors, preferably in a place where the temperature cannot be too low. It is important to avoid placing the aerial lifts outdoors for a long time in the cold season. If the large lifting platform needs to be used outdoors and is not convenient to move, then it is necessary to take protective measures.
Secondly, before using the electric scissor lift in winter, it is necessary to check the parts and components of each part, especially the oil pipes and wires. After turning on the power supply, do not use the empty car for trial, so as to ensure that the normal users can go up to the platform for operation.
Again, because of the cold weather in winter, pay special attention to the maintenance of the battery, and it is normal for the battery of the same specification to be used in the winter for one or two hours less than in the summer. It is necessary to replenish the battery in time.
Finally, if you use the mobile scissor lift platform outdoors in the winter, pay attention to the impact of the wind, and the safety measures must be done well. Also pay attention to whether there is ice on the ground. If there is, remove the ice block and use the platform first to avoid accidents.

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