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Precautions for overhead cranes

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Overhead cranes are mechanical equipment that is used to lift various objects above the workshop, warehouse and open storage yards. It is the most widely used lifting machinery in the mechanical, metallurgical and chemical industries. In modern industrial enterprises, it is one of the important equipments to realize the mechanization and automation of the production process, reduce the heavy manual labor and improve the production efficiency. The following safety precautions should be paid attention to when using bridge cranes:
1. The vehicle must be in a normal state, especially the safety device, such as brake mechanism, sound and light, signal, interlock device must be sensitive and intact.
2. The operator should focus on the work process. Before lifting the crane, it should be idled before lifting, and the signal bell should be sent before driving. When the bridge crane moves, repair, inspection, refueling and wiping test pieces are strictly prohibited. If fault is found during operation, heavy load overhead crane must be stopped immediately.
3. When the work ends, park overhead cranes on the parking line, lift the hook into place, and no heavy weight shall be hung on the hook. Put all the controls and joysticks to zero, pull the power switch off, and lock the cab door.
4. Overhead crane with electric hoist must be equipped with a reliable and sensitive safety device. Generally equipped with buffer, limit device, lifting limit device, anti-wind clamp rail pliers and so on.
5. The enclosure of all live parts of single beam overhead machine crane shall be reliably grounded to prevent accidental electric shock by operators. When the trolley track is not welded on the main beam, welding grounding shall be adopted, and the transformer shall be grounded on the low-voltage side as required.
Situations where the bridge crane cannot be lifted: unattended or incorrect command signal; defective equipment or defective safety equipment; overload lifting or equipment quality is not clear; the person stands on or under the sling and the person is hoisted with the crane hook; the light is dark and the vision is blurred; the lifting object has sharp angle or oblique lift without safety measures.

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