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Portable Jib Crane

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Portable jib crane is a very convenient goods transferring device, which can achieve vertical or horizontal material movement by hanging on a hook or other devices. Movable jib crane includes the hoisting mechanism, large and small car run institutions, and it can realize certain material lifting and handling in certain space.

Mobile jib crane of Hengyuan Group is suitable for most of construction works, and users can just move it easily to any places that they need, and small jib crane often has high adaptability, which can be installed on a truck or other movable device, which is the called portable jib crane.

However, lots of mobile jib crane is equipped with wheels that realize easy transition to another places, which is especially suitable for sites or places that have even roads. Of course, there are large jib crane and mini jib crane with the division of lifting capacities. In addition, portable jib crane for sale is also called as free standing jib cranes, which can work alone safely without the supporting of wall.

Hengyuan Group has rich portable double jib crane production experience, and our jib crane has CE, ISO and SGS assurance, which is totally professional and reliable. Please feel free to contact us if want a free quotation of our portable jib crane.

Features and Advantages: 

1. Portable lifting jib crane of Hengyuan Group has easy operation and movement, which is very helpful and convenient. 
2. Our mobile cantilever jib crane has longer running life span than the crane produced by other portable jib crane manufacturers. 
3. It has small occupancy, lot costs, reasonable design and stable operation.
4. It can greatly shorten construction period and improve working efficiency.

Portable Jib Crane Main Detail

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