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Port Cranes for Sale

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Similar to harbour cranes for sale, port cranes for sale is a typical rotating arm frame type crane, and it is called as portal crane because it looks like a door. Gulf port cranes is widely used in ports, cargo wharf, large hydropower stations, shipyard construction and installation works. The rotating mechanism of quay cranes is installed on the door frame, which can conveniently achieve change its moving direction. There is running system under the door frame, which often runs on the H tracks to finish lifting tasks.

Shore crane mainly consists of the primary frame, rotating platform, operation cabin, hoisting mechanism, luffing mechanism and electric control parts. Quayside crane can be divided into portal and semi dock crane, and semi types of port cranes dont have complete door frame, and two of its orbit is not on the same level. One is laying on the ground, and the another is generally laying in the warehouse or workshop.

Differ from other portal cranes manufacturers, Hengyuan Group has rich experience, long manufacturing history and large factory scale. Our portal crane for sale can be equipped with different slings to lift different goods, such as containers, line materials and so on. If you want to know our portal crane price or quay crane price, welcome to contact us at any time for a free inquiry.
Features and Advantages:

1. Quick turnover and easy loading and unloading.
2. High working efficiency and compact frame.
3. Stable movement, comfortable and reliable operation.
4. Convenience maintenance and novel appearance.
Safety Device:

♦Overload Limit Switch
♦ Rubber Buffers
♦ Electric Protective Devices
♦ Emergency Stop System
♦ Voltage Lower Protection Function
♦ Current Overload Protection System
♦ Rail Anchoring
♦ Lifting Height Limit Device

Port Cranes for Sale Main Detail

Four-bar linkage Type
Load Capacity 16t 25t 40t
Working Range 30m, 33m, 35m, 37m 28m, 30m, 35m, 36m 30m, 35m, 39m, 40m, 43m
Wheel Dis. 10.5m, 12m, 16m 10.5m, 12m, 16m 10.5m, 12m, 16m
Lifting Speed 60m/min 55m/min 50m/min
 Luffing speed 50m/min 50m/min 45m/min
Rotating Speed 1.0~1.5r/min 1.0~1.3r/min 1.0~1.2r/min
Traveling Speed 26m/min 26m/min 26m/min


30 years Portal Crane Manufacturer Marine harbour Application Portal Crane Pedestal Crane Container Crane with Affordable price Single Mast Type
Load Capacity 40t 45t
Working Range 11~30m, 12~35m 12~35m, 13~28m
Wheel Dis. 10.5m, 16m 10.5m, 16m
Lifting Speed 25m/min 25m/min
 Luffing speed 25m/min 25m/min
Rotating Speed 0.8~1.0r/min 0.8~1.0r/min
Traveling Speed 26m/min 26m/min


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