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Overhead Cranes Use Precautions

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Safety precautions to be taken when using bridge cranes:
Overhead cranes are mechanical equipment that is used to lift various objects above the workshop, warehouse and open storage yards. It is the most widely used lifting machinery in the mechanical, metallurgical and chemical industries. In modern industrial enterprises, it is one of the important equipments to realize mechanization and automation of production process, reduce heavy manual labor and improve production efficiency. The following safety precautions should be taken into account when using bridge cranes:
1. Driving must be in a normal state, especially safety devices such as brake mechanisms, sound and light, signals, interlocks, etc. must be sensitive and intact. Source: Exam
2. During the work process, the operator should concentrate on idling before lifting, and then hoisting. The hanging object should be re-bound if it is found that the lifting object is not tightly bound when the hanging object is 100~150mms. The signal bell should be sent before driving; the hanging object should not be crossed from the head of the person. When the crane is started, it is strictly forbidden to repair, inspect, refuel and wipe the machine. If the fault is found during operation, it must stop immediately.
3. When the work is terminated, stop the crane on the parking line, lift the hook into place, and do not hang heavy objects on the hook. Put all the controllers and joysticks into the zero position, and pull off the power switch to lock the cab door.
4. Bridge cranes must be equipped with reliable and sensitive safety devices. Generally, there are buffers, limiters (stroke limiters, lifting limiters), lifting limiters, windproof rail clamps and the like.
5. The outer casing of all live parts of the overhead travelling crane should be grounded reliably to avoid accidental electric shock from the operator. When the trolley track is not welded to the main beam, the welding grounding should also be adopted. The transformer should be grounded on the low voltage side as specified.
6. Electric overhead bridge cranes shall not be lifted under the following conditions:
(1) The unmanned command or command signal is incorrect.
(2) The driving equipment is defective or the safety device is malfunctioning.
(3) Unloading or equipment quality is unclear.
(4) The person stands on the lifting object or under the lifting object, and hangs the person with a crane hook.
(5) The light is dark and the object is unclear.
(6) Lifting objects are sharply angled or diagonally pulled and no safety measures are taken.

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