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Overhead Crane for Sale

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Overhead crane for sale is a commonly used indoor lifting device, which is composed of the bridge frame, lifting mechanism, running mechanism and control room
  • QD

  • 5-15M/MIN
  • 20-40M/MIN
  • 50-100M/MIN
  • A5-A7
  • cabin control/wire rope remote control
  • IP54
  • F
  • request
  • 3 phase 380V 50hz or request


Overhead crane for sale is a commonly used indoor lifting device, which is composed of the bridge frame, lifting mechanism, running mechanism and control room. The bridge frame of Hengyuan is the basic component of overhead crane sales, which consists of main girder, end beam and so on. The main beam of overhead crane sale stretches across the workshop, and its ends are connected with end beams.

The main beam of 20 ton overhead crane is equipped with a walking board and a safe protective railing device. The bridge frame of cheap overhead cranes is equipped with a cart moving mechanism, electric box, lifting mechanism, trolley running track and auxiliary sliding wire. Hengyuan Group offer single girder overhead travelling crane and double girder overhead crane for sale.

The moving mechanism of overhead traveling cranes consists of drive motor, brake, transmission shaft, reducer and wheel, which has centralized driving and separate driving modes. Hengyuan overhead trolley crane has extensive usage in various kinds of construction works, such as the production workshop, material field, metal factory etc.

Overhead crane china can greatly improve the mechanization and automation degree in power plant and warehouse, and electric overhead crane and monorail overhead crane can largely reduce labor work and improve productivity. Steel overhead crane or bridge crane is usually used to carry goods, which can also be used for equipment installation, maintenance and other purposes.

Features and Advantages:

1. Hengyuan Group is a well-known 10 ton and 20 ton overhead crane manufacturer, which offer low overhead crane price.
2. We have higher reputation and export volume than other overhead crane suppliers.
3. We offer different overhead crane capacity for users to choose with reasonable overhead crane cost and thorough overhead crane specifications.




        End beam

         Buffer motor drive

        With roller bearings and 

        permanent iubncation




       Main beam

         with strong box type and standard
         camber ,there will have
         reinforcement plate inside



        Crane Hook

        Pulley Diameter:Φ125/Φ160/Φ209/Φ304

        Material:Hook 35CrMo




       Crane Trolley

        1.High working duty hoist mechanism.

          2.Working duty:A3-A8



05 6
         Crane cabin

       1.cloth and open type

         2.air-conditioning provided

         3.interlocked circuit breaker provided


Technical data
Crane Travelling Device Travelling speed (m/min) 20 30 45 60 75

Reducer ratio 58.95 39.42 26.38 19.37 15.88

Motor Model ZDY21-4 ZDR12-4

Power (kw) 2x0.8 2x1.5

Rotation (r/min) 1380
Lifting device Electric Hoist model single/double speed
(Electric hoist) Lifting speed (m/min) 8, 0.8/8
And hoist travelling device Lifting height (m) 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30

Travelling speed (m/min) 20 (30)

Motor Taper Squirrel-cage type
Work duty A3- A5
Power supply 380V, 50Hz, 3-Phase or on your request
Rail type P24/38

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