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Notes for explosion proof electric hoist

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Explosion proof electric hoist in the use of industrial hoist, when the surrounding environment produces explosive mixture mixed with combustible gas, dust and air, explosion-proof is a very important preventive measure to ensure personal safety and safety of various production, storage and conveying systems.

How to use explosion-proof electric hoist safely, we should do some proper inspection before use. After the installation of explosion-proof electric hoist, several idling should be carried out to check whether the equipment is in normal operation, check whether the electrical part, connection part, equipment parts and transmission mechanism of explosion-proof electric hoist are abnormal, and make sure that the equipment can be used normally before operation to make it work. Explosion-proof electric hoist in the use of the process and what things need to pay attention to?

When someone worked in the explosion-proof electric hoist, absolutely prohibited items, overload lifting when lifting objects tilt when it is forbidden to lifting heavy lift cannot embedment, more cannot procrastinate horizontal moving heavy objects, explosion-proof electric hoist operator must read product manual carefully and use the matters needing attention, and have certain knowledge of electric hoist, explosion-proof safety knowledge, can't blind to operate. The limit device is an emergency device to prevent the hook from stopping even when it is up and down in the lifting process. The main function is to avoid the hook from damaging the explosion-proof electric hoist. Therefore, the limit device cannot be used as a switch. The explosion-proof electric hoist shall cut off the main power supply in time after the work is finished.

explosion proof electric hoist

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