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Mobile cranes must not be safe when working

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Due to its high mobility and hanging function, the mobile crane is widely used in various lifting and hanging work places, but it also has major occupational accidents due to short working hours, temporary operations, and frequent changes in position. The Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute of the Ministry of Labor has called for employers to regularly maintain equipment and provide workers with proper safety training.

Laoan pointed out that at a construction site in December last year, when the workers used steel overhead cranes to lift the steel frame, the steel frame accidentally fell off, causing a worker to be killed by a steel frame at the site; a site in Miaoli last April When the workers are also hoisting with mobile cranes, due to the use of hangers with insufficient strength, the hangers can not withstand the weight and break, causing the hanging objects to fall, and the workers working on the site in the middle of the building have become more than three people. Fracture accident.

According to a study conducted by Laoan Institute in recent years on the "Statistical Analysis and Inspection of Major Cranes for Mobile Cranes", from 2007 to 2006, 94 major workers were killed and 11 were seriously injured during the major accidents of mobile cranes. A minor injury. Cross-statistical analysis found that the period of frequent occupational disasters was from 10:00 to 12:00 (28%), and the group with the highest frequency of occurrence was less than half a year of work, no safety and health education, and 41 to 60 years old. labor.

Further data analysis shows that the common human factors for mobile cranes are "operating equipment and equipment in the wrong way", "wearing helmets, safety belts" and "overloading machinery".

The main causes of disaster-causing equipment are "machines are not operating under normal conditions", "insufficient mechanical strength", "lack of safety devices" and so on. Lao An’s appeal is that employers should do well before the operation of mobile crane accidents: (1) to provide qualified inspection tools for labor use and regular maintenance; (2) to set up safe operation procedures for hanging; (3) Provide qualified protective equipment for workers to use; (4) Conduct safety and health education and training for laborers, especially for new workers must implement pre-employment safety and health education and training, as well as safety before work; (5) For middle-aged workers, Consider the physical and visual conditions, pay special attention to its safety.

Workers should also comply with the following operational safety matters during their operations: (1) confirming that the functions of the devices are normal before starting work; (2) wearing safety helmets and safety belts; (3) working in accordance with the safe operation procedures of hanging.

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