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Metallurgy Overhead Crane

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QDY&YZ model overhead bridge crane with hook mainly consists of main beam, hook trolley, crane traveling mechanism, cabin and electric controlling system

  • QDY
  • 5-15M/MIN
  • 20-40M/MIN
  • 50-100M/MIN
  • A5-A7
  • cabin control/wire rope remote control
  • IP54
  • H
  • request
  • 3 phase 380V 50hz or request
Metallurgy Overhead Crane

QDY&YZ model overhead bridge crane with hook mainly consists of main beam, hook trolley, crane traveling mechanism, cabin and electric controlling system, etc. Metallurgy overhead crane is one of the main equipment in the continuous casting technology of steel making. It is mainly used transfer the pouring melted iron to the appointed place, and the thermal-protective coating is added at the bottom of the main girder. The place where molten  nonmetal material and red-hot solid metal is lifted. The casting overhead crane are heavy duty for 20-24hours working.

Hengyuan Group has rich metallurgy overhead crane production experience, and our QDY metallurgy overhead crane has sold very well in domestic and foreign market, and welcome to send us your inquiry at any time if you are interested in our machine, and we will try our best to satisfy your demand and requirements.

Features and Advantages:

1. Reasonable and compact structure , f avorable performance , s oft starting and stopping , s afe and reliable traveling .
2. Low noise,  commodious operation cabin and good view . Convenient maintenance  and  excellent interchangeability  for parts and components .
3. It can greatly reduce energy consumption  with advanced design and high quality components.

Characteristic of QDY/YZ electric double beam/ girder bridge/ overhead crane

QDY Lifting Capacity: 5-74T
YZ Lifting Capacity: 100/32~320/80
Span: 10.5m-31.5m (Non-standard design can be made)
Working Class:  A7
Working Temperature: -25°C to ~40°C
Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3-phase

Metallurgy Overhead Crane Main Parts


Technical Data
Capacity 10-320ton
Working class A7
Span 19-25m(According to your demands)
Max wheel load 595KN
Lifting equipment crane crab
Lifting height Main hook 18 20 25 24 20
Auxiliary hook 20 22 27 26 22
Power supply 380V/50Hz or as your requirement
Steel track Recommended QU120 or Other 
Applicable occasions Lift molten metal, steel plant
Optional features • reless Radio Remote control

• rouded DSL system for power feeding

• ameproof Anti-explosion

• bin Operated

• automatic Control system

QDY Type foundy casting overhead bridge crane 65t for sale
qdy double foundry overhead 1000 ton bridge crane
qdy double foundry overhead 1000 ton bridge crane

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