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Merry Christmas

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May the bright and festive glow of Christmas candle warm the days all the year through.Hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying Christmas Day and wishing you a New Year that is happy in every way. Free to provide you with professional engineer quotes, customized installation and debugging services for you!!!

Bridge erecting girder launcher machine is a new type of erecting launcher crane equipment. In the girder launcher crane, it is more versatile, and it is especially suitable for large-tonnage, long-span and double-span concrete box girder. In addition, the structural performance of the bridge crane is also more stable and more convenient to use.

The stress level and deformation of the main beam of the bridge erecting girder launcher machine changes with different cross-section positions. At the same time, due to the action of moving load, the stress level and deformation of the same position on the main beam under different working conditions also change, that is, each section or section of the main beam The theoretical optimal cross-section parameters and dimensions vary. Considering the actual working conditions and manufacturing processes, the main beam (excluding the guide beam) must be of the same height, and the upper chord laying the crane traveling track, the cross-section profile height and width of each section of each section are the same (that is, the cross-section needs to use the same section steel and combination). The front leg is provided with an upper walking mechanism and a hanging device, and the upper part of the middle leg is provided with a vertical movement driving mechanism for the main beam. When passing through the hole, the lower chord and the front leg and the middle leg are relatively operated, so each section of the lower chord The profile height and width of the section are the same (that is, the section needs to use the same profile steel and combination).
In the bridge girder launcher crane, due to the different stresses in different parts of the main beam, when the cross-section profile height and width of each section of the main beam need to be the same, strengthening treatment can be performed in the part with a higher stress level.

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