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Matters needing attention for use of metallurgical casting crane

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Metallurgical foundry overhead bridge crane with hook is suitable for metal smelting workshop, mainly used for ladle lifting, moving, pouring and other operations in the steelmaking workshop, relying on the lifting movement of the hook, the longitudinal movement along the direction of the factory track and the transverse movement of the trolley to carry out the work of the machine. Casting crane adopts high temperature steel core steel wire rope, because the safety coefficient of steel wire rope is higher than that of general bridge crane, at the same time, necessary safety protection devices should be adopted to protect the steel wire rope from being damaged at the place of hook group and hoisting beam.
Metallurgical casting overhead bridge crane USES crane with fixed gantry hook to carry heavy pot molten iron, molten steel, liquid slag. Two sets of independent working brakes are set for each driving system of lifting mechanism of crane. Set weight limiter; Double limiter is set at different rising limit positions, and different circuit breakers can be controlled. When the lifting height is higher than 20 meters, the limiter of the falling limit position is set. Overspeed protection device is installed when rated lifting weight is greater than 20t; The door of the driver's cab and working passage shall be provided with chain protection devices; There is a big car walking mechanism should be set limit and buffer and stop device.
Lifting operation of metallurgical casting overhead bridge crane with hook shall be carried out according to the prescribed route, and sound and light signals shall be issued when the crane starts and moves, and the lifting objects shall not pass over the personnel's head and over important equipment (operation room, inflammable and explosive gas pipelines and facilities); Crane driver is strictly prohibited to operate large and small cars at the same time, and should sound the horn during the hoisting; Do not use hanging objects to impact other objects or equipment, and there should be no people on the hanging objects.

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