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Matters Needing Attention for Installation of Chain Electric Hoist

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The performance structure of the endless chain electric hoist is relatively advanced, small size, light weight, wide range of use, we buy after how to install, small make up and we talk about the endless chain electric hoist what parts and functions, and how to install the endless chain electric hoist:
The loop chain electric hoist is very convenient for lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading work, maintenance equipment, and lifting goods. It can also be installed in the hanging i-bar, curve track, rotary boom guide and fixed lifting points to lift heavy objects.
1. Enclosure: the enclosure is light and strong, with high heat dissipation rate and full sealing design, which is suitable for use in the environment with poor operating conditions.
2. Reverse phase protection device: it is a special electrical device. When the power connection is wrong, the control circuit cannot work.
3. Limit switch: there are limit switch devices in the lifting and lifting of heavy objects to make the motor stop automatically to prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety.
4. Transformer: it can prevent accidents if the switch leakage occurs during operation.
5. Braking device: this device can brake instantly when the power is cut off.
6. Chain bag: light, beautiful and durable.
How do you install it? What should be paid attention to?
1. In order to ensure normal operation, no-load operation must be carried out. Power is not allowed to work before installation and debugging, after the completion of installation and debugging power can be no load.
2. When operating the endless chain electric hoist, static load test is often required. The general approach is to increase the set rated load, test load, and carefully observe the use of the electric hoist, at any time to identify its load value, identify the rated load, so as to determine whether the chain electric hoist meets the use requirements.
3. The lubricating oil should be clean and free of impurities. When applying lubricating oil, apply it evenly. The amount of oil is moderate. Too little or too much can cause serious consequences. Because the oil density is large, daub too much will lead to poor heat dissipation, reduce the service life of the electric chain hoist. And applying too much oil can cause the outer layer to absorb more dust or dirt, causing more trouble for cleaning later.

4. Also regularly check the bolts and power lines for fixing the miniature hoist, and timely remove dust and corrosive liquid accumulated on the cable.


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