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Maintenance of bridge erection girder launcher machine

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Bridge erecting girder launcher machine is a device for placing prefabricated beams onto prefabricated piers. The bridge erecting launcher machine belongs to the category of crane, because its main function is to lift the beam, then transport to the position and then put down. But it is very different from the general meaning of the crane. It requires harsh conditions, and there is a beam plate walk, or called longitudinal.
The common types of bridge erecting girder launcher cranes are divided into three types: highway erecting girder launcher cranes, conventional railway  erecting launcher machines and passenger only railway erecting launcher cranes.

In the daily use of road bridge girder launcher and other lifting equipment, we can not just use, do not maintain it, this is very dangerous, it is easy to make equipment failure, in the use of faulty equipment, the danger is likely to slowly come!
In the daily maintenance of the highway bridge girder launcher machine is actually some small details, such as:
(1) clean the structural parts, machine room and the whole machine of the bridge erecting girder launcher machine to remove oil;
(2) to effectively protect the structural parts, so that the connection between each other is firm and reliable, and the action of electro-hydraulic components and corresponding functions are normal and sensitive, which can meet the requirements of daily operation of the bridge erection girder launcher machine;
(3) because the parts are often acted by external forces during movement, some original assembly technical conditions will change, so it is necessary to adjust and proofread the clearance and travel of the equipment.
What is the function of these maintain for?
For your summary overview: in daily production operation and settled on the moving parts would wear, connect each other appear loose phenomenon, electro-hydraulic control components above the original accumulation of dust and scale, lack of oil can not be timely supplement, metal corrosion and so on questions, settled in technical performance and economic benefit and safety performance will have a certain degree of reduced. Therefore, in the bridge girder launcher crane parts wear did not reach the limit and before the failure, in order to reduce the failure rate and improve safety, the need for professional maintenance of the bridge girder launcher machine.

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