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Low Headroom Single Girder Overhead Crane

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Low Headroom Single Girder Overhead Crane belongs to very low clearance light duty lifting equipment

  • LDP

  • Low Headroom Single Girder Overhead Crane
  • 20-40M/MIN
  • 50-100M/MIN
  • A3-A5
  • cabin control/wire rope remote control
  • IP54
  • F
  • request
  • 3 phase 380V 50hz or request
  • 5-15M/MIN

Low headroom single girder overhead crane is a special type of overhead crane, which is mainly composed by the main beam, low headroom electric hoist, trolley, supporting beam, electrical parts and control system. Low headroom single girder bridge crane can be widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, port, railway, civil aviation, electric power, food, paper, building materials, electronics industries, workshop, warehouse and other material handling situations, and it is especially suitable for precise positioning material handling and large components precise assembly situations.

Generally speaking, the lifting weight of low headroom overhead crane ranges from 1ton to 10ton, and its running span varies from 10.5 to 25.5 meters, and the working environment temperature is from 25 degrees below zero to 40 degrees. Low headroom single girder crane overcomes the shortcomings of single girder crane, which has higher stability and longer effective lifting height with convenient ground or remote control. Isnt that great?

Features and Advantages:
1. The computer optimized box girder is adopted as its main support beam.
2. The trolley with steel rope hoist has small height, and the hook size is more reasonable.
3. It adopts unique wheel frame design, which has stable structure, strong adaptability and easy installation.
4. The motor protection class is IP54, and it is also equipped with overload protection device.
5. The gearbox adopts helical gear, which has self lubricate function.
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