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Lifting Equipment Re-manufacturing

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China, as an equipment manufacturing country also has big demands for it. In the past few years, amplified lifting equipment product transition resulting in elimination of this equipment into the peak of a few years, which gives the re-manufacturing industry tremendous development potential. With the increasing of environmental awareness, re-manufacturing industry has become the focus of global common concern. Here we focus on the benefits and constraints of lifting equipment re-manufacturing.

The benefits are: to achieve environmental protection and sustainable development.

Lifting equipment re-manufacturing is very obvious in terms of energy saving performance. Performance and quality of re-manufactured products meet or exceed the new products to maximize the utilization value of raw materials, and create more wealth to the device.

Constraints are: domestic re-manufacturing industry lack of uniform standards, lead to no standard measure to value quality.

Recovery would meet some difficulty, enterprises engaged in the development of re-manufacturing industry is difficult to get the old parts. Also for national support policies is not enough, and consumer attitudes market users is not strong, impede further promotion and use of the product.


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