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Launching girder crane longitudinal and assembly precautions

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As one of the important lifting equipment for building bridge engineering, bridge-building machine is one of the most frequent movements: the longitudinal movement of bridge girder launcher. When talking about the longitudinal movement of the bridge girder launcher, the first thing is to find the track base of launching girder crane, and use the spike to firmly fix the rail and the sleeper together to form a track. When the overhead crane travels to the rear of launching girder crane, the jacking mechanism on the transverse rail is lifted and the rear end mechanism gradually disengages from the transverse rail. During the forward movement of girder launcher, the staff used paint or chalk to mark the longitudinal track of launching girder crane, and checked whether the walking on both sides of launching girder crane was synchronized.
Then, what precautions should the staff grasp during the advancement of
beam launcher?
1. During the forward movement of launching girder crane, the staff must first carefully check whether the forward-moving reducer is well installed and ensure that the ground track is smooth.
2. When
bridge building crane is in the longitudinal direction, it must be in one step. It is absolutely not allowed to work at night. At the same time, after the longitudinal movement is completed, the cantilever crane should be removed to avoid engineering accidents.
3. Before starting to move vertically, you must ensure that the system of bridge beam launcher works well, you should carefully check whether the entire system is installed and whether the electrical system is affected by the environment.
During the lifting process, there should be a special person commanding and following the principle of balance and stability, the forward wheel is braked with a wooden wedge to prevent slippery. During the assembly process, the special person is responsible for the horizontal inspection of the truss, keeping the launching girder crane stable, and it is strictly forbidden to raise the truss asynchronously.
Bridge launching girder crane shall be in charge of the on-site command by the person in charge of the bridge girder and the technical personnel, and shall be assembled in accordance with the operation process of “bottom up, from the middle to the sides”. When assembling the truss beam, it is necessary to set up the sleeper raft, and each component must be inspected strictly to ensure that it is correct. When installing the motor, confirm the direction of rotation. The same motor should be turned in the same direction. When installing hydraulic parts, pay attention to the position of the inlet and outlet ports.

Bridge launching girder crane

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