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Large Capacity Mobile Crane

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Throughout development history of China's crane industry, innovative technology, comply with development

needs of the target market, been long-term domestic crane market competitive advantage and core guarantee of sustainable development. Thus, during industrialization, urbanization strategic opportunities period, Large capacity mobile crane with large, movable, and many other advantages will become the mainstream of the development trend of crane market, which stimulate the growth of China's high economic crane industry.

As the independent research and development of new lifting equipment, large capacity mobile crane , succeeded in breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign enterprises in Chinese market, also make China the world's second largest independent research and development of mass production country. Under internal and external crane industry market background, it is important to start large-scale mobile cranes as China's crane industry high-end development, it is bound to lead to a large scale and move into the technical core of the industrial revolution. China's crane industry lead era is coming.

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