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Know about Tower Crane

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Tower crane is a small category of the hoisting machinery, used in construction building , for it looks like a tower, so people call it tower crane, "tower machine" or "tower hoist", is one of the common construction machine. 

Tower crane parts includes: foundation, tower body, jack-up, rotating mechanism, lifting, balancing, jib, lifting trolley, Tower Roof , cab, amplitude mechanism, etc.

Tower crane installation on the ground depends on base part; tower body in charge of lifting; jack-up mechanism charge of raising the body; Rotation mechanism make the tower body can rotate; hoist mechanism make goods lifted;Balance arm frame keep balance of moment;The jib frame get the most stress of the lifting goods; The trolley used to install the pulley block, steel rope and hook, also the direct stressed parts; The tower roof, of course, used to keep the force balance for the boom;The driver room is the place for operations;Amplitude make the trolley travel along the rail. 


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