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Jib crane installation precautions

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Cantilever jib crane is a kind of common small and medium-sized lifting equipment, take the column cantilever jib crane as an example, its unique structure, safe and reliable performance, high efficiency, energy saving, time saving, flexible operation set many advantages in one. What should be paid attention to when installing the cantilever crane?
First, let's understand the composition of the travelling jib crane: the cantilever jib crane is composed of the device, the metal mechanism and the drive device and the operation control system, the work mechanism and so on.
The four operating mechanisms of the cantilever jib crane include lifting mechanism, operating mechanism, amplitude changing mechanism and rotating mechanism. Among them, luffing mechanism and rotating mechanism are the unique working mechanism of cantilever crane. A mechanism that changes the operating amplitude by changing the length and elevation of the boom. The rotating mechanism enables the boom to rotate around the vertical axis of the Fixed jib crane so that the cantilever jib crane can move materials in the annular space.
The difference between jib crane and other large cranes is that the cantilever jib crane is matched with electric hoist or hand hoist, can be freely operated in three-dimensional space, especially in the short distance, intensive lifting occasions can show more than the traditional lifting equipment unique advantages. Therefore, cantilever cranes are widely used in workshops, warehouses, docks and other fixed places.
Notes for electric jib crane installation:
1. When installing the cantilever jib crane, it should be noted that the column and the ground should be in a vertical state and the floor plate screws should be tightened firmly. If equipped with electric hoist, the foundation should be embedded with cables and grounding facilities.
2. When installing the beam, first lift the beam horizontally and insert the shaft into the rotary cylinder from the upper and lower support plate. Recommended reading: cantilever jib crane rail beam installation before the technical requirements. Then install the reducer on the bracket plate, then install the electric hoist and walking car on the cantilever beam track, and install the slide wire rack and wire rope on the top of the beam. Finally, all electrical appliances on the beam shall be wired and installed, with a power cord of appropriate length.

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