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Jib crane detection and frequency control equipment

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Jib crane is more flexible, wide adaptability and other characteristics, is a necessary independent emergency lifting equipment on the efficient automatic production line, with it can ensure the smooth production line. The control mode of frequency converter is divided into open loop control and closed loop control.

The inspection and maintenance trailer of cantilever hanging bridge is composed of trailer, supporting frame, cantilever beam, vertical beam which can be folded on the cantilever beam, working platform and transmission mechanism which can be rotated and folded into the vertical beam. The working component can shrink fold in a trailer with tail lights and braking mechanism, by the traction motor traction on the highway be pulled a load over a long distance transportation, make the bridge test scheduling flexible curing equipment, without at the bridge site debugging, shipped to the site can put into operation, greatly improve the efficiency of bridge inspection maintenance, but also has compact structure, stacked rapidly, operation safety, and can well adapt to the characteristics of different operation work.

Frequency conversion speed control equipment programmable and optional power supply into the wire switch, line contactor, auxiliary switch, auxiliary relay and other components. Fixed jib crane safety protection device inspection overload protection device is sensitive and reliable, meet the design requirements, hydraulic overload protection device opening pressure; Mechanical, electronic and integrated overload protector alarm, cut off the power source set point of the comprehensive error meet the requirements. Travelling jib crane electrical control circuit according to the distribution system and the position is divided into the power to introduce, cart operation control box (device), cart limit switch, electric hoist, lifting limit switch, control box controls, motor and speed regulating resistance, remote control device such as a few units or nodes, each control unit or between nodes are all connected with special device of the cable connection, special connection with cable connection all use secure connection mode, and the special connection with cable connection point within the cavity injection for insulation material, the special connection and cable after curing to form a whole; Solve the problems of connection reliability and earthquake resistance; Through the different types of special connection devices, the special connection devices used in the whole jib crane electrical system are not interchangeable (except for the lines that need to be interchanged during debugging), and the end faces of all connection devices are marked with cable Numbers; Install the cantilever jib crane electrical circuit in the factory; Circuit installation errors are avoided; Achieve all the circuits of the fool connection.

Implementation of effective benefits is to make all electrical units implement standardized interface, realized the electrical system fast, reliable and accurate and quick connection, don't need a professional electric technician electrical wiring installation and replacement, can be realized to a large extent, cut down the cost of the column jib crane electrical installation, electrical wiring replacement time and technology human resources. Make the installation and replacement of the jib crane as simple as using household appliances.

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