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Intelligent development of construction machinery industry

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With the development of science and technology, intelligence has become the mainstream trend of engineering machinery development. Moreover, intelligence has been waiting for a wide range of applications in various fields, which not only effectively improves work efficiency, but also reduces costs. The construction machinery industry is a strategic industry that provides technical equipment for national infrastructure construction. It is also the most important sub-sector in the equipment manufacturing industry. It is one of the key areas for national development and encouragement. The development of manufacturing technology can fully drive the equipment manufacturing industry. Upgrades and technological advances are the concentrated expression of the country's comprehensive strength. At the same time, construction machinery faces the market economy and participates in global competition. Advanced manufacturing technology has become the core competitiveness of enterprises. It can be seen that the road to intelligentization of China's construction machinery industry is imminent.
The status quo of intelligent equipment industry
(1) Intelligent manufacturing technology aims to achieve high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, clean and flexible production, and improve the adaptability and competitiveness of products to dynamic and volatile markets.
(2) Intelligent manufacturing technology is not limited to the manufacturing process, but covers the whole process of market analysis, production management, processing and assembly, sales, maintenance, service, and recycling.
(3) Intelligent manufacturing emphasizes the four-dimensional integration of technology, people, management and information, not only related to material flow and energy flow, but also to information flow and knowledge flow, that is, four-dimensional integration and four-stream convergence are important for intelligent manufacturing technology. Features.
(4) Intelligent manufacturing technology pays more attention to the rationalization and innovation of manufacturing process composition and management. It is the system integration of hardware, software, intelligence (human) and organization.
In a word, engineering machinery and equipment through the use of modern communications and information technology, computer network technology, industry technology, intelligent control technology collection. Therefore, the product is more intelligent in work and production, reducing the workload of personnel.

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