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Instructions on the Purchase of Winches

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Winches are widely applied in lifting projects, and it is one of crucial lifting devices. It has the characteristics of high traction, high speed, compact structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability. So, what should we pay attention to in the selection of winches?

I. Speed

In the erection of buildings, lifting distance is not too far, but its accuracy is limited strictly. So, MD1 type electric hoist is suitable. While lifting distance is long, CD1 type electric hoist is more suitable to improve productivity and reduce power consumption.

II. Power

Electric machinery is safer and more reliable, since its cost is lower, and it can be controlled remotely. So, if there is a power supply, electric winch will be more suitable. Otherwise, we could choose hand winch or internal combustion winch according to specific circumstances.

III. The number of drum

Single drum winch’s structure is simple, which is more convenient in operation and movement. So, it is selected under most circumstances. If the trolley is traced back and forth on the double track, we should choose double drum winches to simplify erection, reduce operators and improve efficiency.

IV. Transmission form

The planetary and planetary gear reducer, due to its smaller body, compact structure, light weight, flexible operation and easy operation, are very suitable for construction and use, which can be considered as a priority.

V. Explosion-proof

JD type winches are used as dispatching winches for mining. It includes two kinds – explosion-proof type and simple type. There is no need to consider explosion-proof type winches under the circumstances of construction, so simple type is OK. The JD type hoist is characterized by a planetary gear reducer installed in the reel, which has better cooling conditions, larger output power and lower price.

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