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Inspection points of various safety protection devices for bridge girder launcher

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1. Overload protection device
Whether the bridge girder launcher overload protection device is sensitive and reliable, meets the design requirements, the opening pressure of the hydraulic overload protection device; whether the mechanical, electronic and integrated overload protector alarms and cuts off the comprehensive error of the power source set point.
2. Torque limiter
The bridge girder launcher torque limiter is a safety device for the boom type crane to prevent overcharging. Checking the sensitivity of the torque limiter by the amplification method or the weight gain method, and checking whether the torque limiter alarm and the cut-off power supply set point comprehensive error are within the specified range.
3. Limit position limiter
Checking the bridge girder launcher luffing mechanism of the lifting equipment, whether the lifting mechanism and the running mechanism can reach the set position distance, whether the alarm signal can occur, and automatically cut off the power source running in the dangerous direction.
4. Windproof device
For bridge launching cranes with a hinge height of more than 50m at the root of the boom, the anemometer should be inspected, and it can be accurately alarmed when the wind speed set point is reached or the working limit wind speed is reached. Launching girder cranes operating in orbit on the open track should check the components of the rail clamps, iron shoes and anchoring devices for preventing deformation, defects and the reliability of their independent work. For the automatic rail clamp, the reliability of the windproof function and the electric interlock switch function in the non-anchored state should be checked for the sudden gust windproof device and the large vehicle running brake.
5. Anti-back tilting device
For boom luffing and boom type cranes, the reliability of the anti-backward device should be checked, the sensitivity of the electrical interlock should be checked, and the indication accuracy of the luffing position and amplitude indicator should be checked.
6. Buffer
For different types of bridge launching cranes with different lifting speeds and running speeds, check whether the configured buffers match and check the integrity of the buffer.

7. Protective device
Checking whether all kinds of protective covers, guardrails, guards, ladders on the launching girder cranes are complete and reliable. Exposed on the crane that was couplings, sprocket, chain, transmission belt and other rotating parts should be checked whether there is a protective cover, a pedestrian passage on the crane, a ladder and a fence that may cause the exposed parts of the personnel should be checked to meet the requirements. The electrical equipment for open-air cranes shall be equipped with a rain cover.

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