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Inspection of the General Parts of Crane

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Check the hook-mousing device, confirm its surface without deformation and crack; Wire rope specifications, model, and matched pulley drum to meet the design requirements;Clamp, rope-clip, and other fixing device meet the requirements;

Wire rope wear, broken wires, kinking and flattening, bent, broken stocks, excessive corrosion without over-proof.

Brakes setting, brake model conformed to the design requirements, braking capacity should meet the requirements; drum body and edge without crack and broken;

Rope groove and drum wear should not be over-proof. Drum flange height and the layer number of twisting wire rope can match;Working situation of the guide rope, rope in line with the requirements;

Pulley rope groove, if there is a crack, broken edge rim, excessive wear, such as status, pulley rotation is flexible;

When slow running whether any sharp metal friction sound such as abnormal sound, vibration, shell;

The wheel tread, wheel axle without crack phenomenon, Whether any gnaw rail in the operation;Coupling, pin shaft,

shaft pin hole, buffer without excessive wear; Coupling and connected two parts should be concentric.

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