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Hydropower Station Winch

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The gate lifting system is mainly composed by mobile dam gantry crane, fixed winch hoist and hoist, which are special designed for gate lifting at hydro-power station. The dam Gantry Crane are special designed for the gate lifting and cleaning the inlet garbage with the gripping beam or grab. Generally, the mobile dam gantry crane are high-lift and slow speed with double lifting point.

Hengyuan Group is a professional hydropower station winch production manufacturer, and our small electric winch for sale has been exported to many countries with over 30 years accumulation. Welcome to visit us at any time and check our winches if there is any demand in your projects, and a quick and complete will be sent back through E-mail within 24 hours. 

Features of Hydropower Station Winch:

1. Capacity: 2*10t-2*200t
2. Span: 5-12m
3. Lifting Height: 20-70m (5-10m Up rail)
4. Speed can be adjusted with general and quick speed.
5. Control Method: Remote and Cabin Control
5. Power Source and Painting Color as your demands
6. According to your specific usage, specific model and design will offer.
Advantages of Hydropower Station Winch:

1. High Efficiency and Stable performance
2. Long Life Span: 30-40years.
3. Convenient operation and high availability.
Safety device:

1. Weight overload protection device.  
2. Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer.
3. Crane traveling limit switch.
4. Voltage lower protection function.
5. Emergency shutdown function.
6. Current overload protection system and so on.

Hydropower Station Winch Main Detail

   Hydropower Station Gantry Crane
Lifting Capacity T
Spanm M
Lifting Heightm M
Service Class

SpeedHoisting m/min
Crane Travelling m/min
Total Power kw
Steel Track Recommended
Max. Wheel Load KN
Power Service 3-Phase A.C.50HZ 380V

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