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Hydro Power Station Crane

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The hydropower station have many demands for the Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane and Hoists. Hereby we could like to recommend our suitable products for hydropower station.

Overhead Crane (Bridge Crane)

The Overhead Crane for hydropower station are mainly used for rotor installation and maintenance. Generally required precise speed by VVVF control. And, the working class are light duty A3. Rust-proof treatment and painting for the Overhead Crane.

Gantry Crane (Dam Gantry Crane)

The dam Gantry Crane are special designed for the gate lifting and cleaning the inlet garbage, which are U type structure, slow speed and high-lift. Generally, the dam gantry crane will use together with the gripping beam or grab.
Hoist and Winch
The hoist and winch are mainly used for small gate lifting.

We have many successful finished hydro power station projects. Please let us know your specific demands, then we could offer our best recommendation and products.

Hydro Power Station gantry crane

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