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How to lift the load capacity of the crane?

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When your company's production process or process changes, you may need to consider increasing the load capacity of the crane. Increasing the load capacity of existing equipment is often a more economical option than buying new cranes.
How to lift the load capacity of the crane?
The first step,define the starting weight required for new production or process planning.
It is often wise to look beyond short-term needs. In the long run, you can save your company money by taking into account expected business growth and projected crane load increases to meet your long-term needs.
The second step, investigate the feasibility of improving the loading capacity of existing equipment.
As far as I know, increasing the crane's load capacity by more than 25% is not uncommon, but it is not unheard of.
Method of determining whether a crane can be upgraded
Methods 1 Structural engineering analysis.
Method 2 The feasibility study of lifting crane load capacity is carried out.
This approach costs less, but is not as thorough as a thorough analysis. The feasibility study focuses on the analysis of the main structure, mechanical and electrical systems of the crane to determine the feasibility of increasing the load capacity and, if feasible, which components need to be modified or replaced.
Feasibility studies can help customers plan their next steps. If the results of the study show that the enhancement of the payload capacity is impractical, the cost of a full analysis is saved for the customer. Customers can continue to plan purchases of new equipment.
However, if the feasibility study shows that upgrading the existing cranes is a viable and cost-effective option, then the results of the study will form the basis for a complete analysis that will be used to plan and design the crane retrofit to achieve increased load capacity. For example, in order to improve the load capacity of the bridge crane, a common transformation is to replace the whole set of trolley and hoisting hoist parts, while retaining the main girder and other structures.
Another factor that must be considered in lifting the load capacity of the crane, also independent of the crane itself, is the structure of the factory building. It is usually the responsibility of the civil engineering company hired by the client to study this part and determine whether the building can safely support the increased lifting weight.

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