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How to control the shaking of electric hoist work

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We often receive customer feedback reflecting the electric hoist that wobbles during work. Here, we analyze the reasons why the electric hoist is shaking during operation:
(1) The most important thing is inertia. It usually happens when the run starts and when the run stops. The start and stop in the horizontal direction are the highest, and the amplitude and amplitude of the vibration are generated when rising and falling.
(2) If the magnitude of the vibration depends on the size of the inertia, what is the magnitude of the inertia? It is determined by the size of the speed difference. For a single speed, it depends on the speed. For example: at rest, the speed is 0m / nin and the running speed is 20m / min. When running horizontally, there will be a jump of 0-20m / min or 20-0m / min when starting and stopping. This will be chronic and the speed difference is 20. If the running speed is 5m / min, it will jump at 0-5m / min or 5-0m / min at start and stop with a speed difference of 5. The difference in speed difference is greater than the speed difference, and the shaking is also large. In the same way, so is the ascending and descending order.
(3) In the case of the same speed difference, the longer the drooping chain or rope, the greater the inertia and the greater the vibration. When two electric hoists with the same lifting capacity and the same lifting speed are hung on the same object. When the electric hoist with a height of 30M is lifted, the vibration amplitude is larger than that of the electric hoist, the lifting height is 6M, and the lifting height is less than 30M. This is more pronounced under the influence of the external environment, for example in the case of wind.
(4) When two electric hoists of the same model have the same rated load, the same lifting speed and the same lifting height, the electric hoist (such as rope or chain) is smaller when the same object is hung, and the shaking rate is larger. Wire rope electric hoists should try not to use entangled ropes. Electric hoists have the same rated load, the same lifting height and the same lifting speed. The swaying rate of the tangled rope is greater than the sway rate of the wire rope electric hoist with the rope guide.
(5) When the shape of the object is different, the same electric hoist with remote control will have different shaking. In general, electric hoists can only hang objects without life and cannot hang people. In fact, it is best not to hang animals. Animals are alive. They struggle and move during the ascension process, which creates instability during the ascension. Shaking can occur, and this shaking is irregular and uncontrollable. It is very easy to overload and very dangerous. Relatively speaking, it is safer to have no life than to have life. Even objects that are lifeless, irregularly shaped, suspended or tied, and unevenly pressurized or liquid can have a large impact on shaking.
(6) When the weight of the object to be hoisted is different, the same electric hoist will have different shaking. But this is not a good judgment. Of course, this is inevitable, and the electric hoist is originally a lifting object. As long as it is not overloaded, it can be used normally. Therefore, this article does not count.

It is impossible to avoid shaking in the operation of the outdoor electric hoist. There are speeds, lifts and heights that can cause vibration. We recommend that users start with the following aspects to minimize vibration:
1. If the speed is single speed, you can use slow speed. But considering the work efficiency, do not want to be too slow, then choose the inverter.
2. In the case of other methods, try not to lift the object.
3. Do not use too thin ropes and chains, double ropes can be double rope, double chain can be double chain. The more ropes and chains, the more stable they are, but the slower the relative speed. Moreover, the volume of the multi-rope wire rope electric hoist is also large. So depending on the situation.
4. The object to be hung is as lifeless as possible. It must not exceed the rated load of the electric hoist. Do not overfill the liquid. Securely hang the bundle
5. Non-double hook or non-synchronous group crane electric hoist, not suitable for group cranes, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

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