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How to Install Jib Crane

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Installation shall be done by fixing the crane on cement foundation with M45 ground bolts (refer to the diagram of foundation).

1.Installation of column

Make a foundation in advance and leave pits for the column. Put some calcium base grease into the bearing on the top end of the column, hoist the column, put on the ground bolts and put the column over the pre-made pits. Adjust the column roughly and pour in the cement. Accurately correct the column (with vertical line or gradienter) after the cement becomes hard.

It is also allowed to install the column without making the pits in advance.

2.Installation of horizontal beam

Installation of the horizontal beam shall be conducted in the following order:

1First, lift up the beam horizontally

2Install the rolling wheel sleeve and supporting block at the bottom of the supporting rod of the beam 

3Install the electric hoist and the trolley on the guiding rails of the beam. (Strictly follow the installation method described in the Operation and Maintenance Manual delivered together with the electric hoist.) 

4Install the slide wire support and steel cable at the top end of the beam. (the rope is tighten through slip wire pulley and located on the same side with the electrical control box on the hoisting electrical crane. ) 

5The electrician shall connect the cables for the electric devices and be sure that power supply cables are long enough (refer to electric diagram and cabling diagram for cabling method). Bind and fix the slide wire wheel and the cable properly. 

Hoisting of the beam can be conducted after the above-mentioned steps are completed.

When hoisting BZ2 and BZ3 crane, hoist the crane according to the method illustrated in Fig. 2, point the axis to the bearing hole on the top end of the column and lower gradually by leaning the rolling wheel against the rail of the column. Put the flange disc onto the main axis on the end of the beam through the square hole on the top end of the column, then fix with two m60×2 round nuts.

The electrician shall connect the electric wire dropping down from the beam axis and the power supply switch at the lower part of the column. At last, power on the machine to carry out trial run.


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