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Great Cooperation with the Nepal Steel Plant

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Great Cooperation with the Nepal Steel Plant

Two months ago, one client, Mr. David from Nepal contacted the Hengyuan Crane, who was introduced by one of our previous clients. He would like to purchase some crane for his steel plant.


After knowing the actual needs and requirements of Mr. Davis, our sales team offered him some selected products and also did very clear introduction of demanding products. He was quite satisfied with the good service and qualified products of Hengyuan Crane. Mr. David also mentioned that the culture of Hengyuan Crane is admirable and inspiring. It was glad to cooperate with the company like Hengyuan Crane. I do expect to establish stable work relationship with you. he said.


For the first phase of cooperation, Mr. David ordered ten Bridge Cranes (10 Ton) and one 40 Ton Bridge Crane which have been delivered successfully. And a new project (20 cranes, around 10 million RMB) with the steel plant is being negotiated. Thank you for the trust and praise, Mr. David. HY Crane will always try the best and keep up the good work.


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