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Grab bridge crane features

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Grab bridge crane is suitable for lifting the ordinary goods in various factories and mines.

1. Grab bridge crane is suitable for loading, unloading and transportation of bulk materials in power plant, freight yard, workshop and dock.
2. Grab bridge crane cranes are all heavy duty working system.
3. All the mechanisms of grab bridge crane are operated in the driver's cab, and the directions to enter the platform door of the cab are: end in, side in and top in.
4. The rated lifting weight of grab bridge crane includes the weight of grab.
5. There are two kinds of parallel vertical girder in the opening direction of grab.

Product Main Features:

Grab bridge crane is mainly composed of box frame, grab trolley, truck operation mechanism, driver cab and electrical control system. The pickup device is a grab to grab bulk materials. The grab bridge crane has an open and close mechanism and a lifting mechanism. The open and close mechanism drives the grab to close, grab the material, when the bucket closed, immediately start the lifting mechanism, make the four wire rope average load for lifting work. When discharging, only start the opening and closing mechanism, then the bucket will open and tilt the material. The grab bridge crane is basically the same as the hook bridge crane except that the lifting mechanism is different.

Operation specification:

In order to ensure the safety of crane, all set up handrail, rail height is 1050 mm, 350 mm, set up two level bar, set the height to 70 mm at the bottom of the retaining plate, bridge consists of light, the driver indoor set insulation rubber and the door switch, the transmission parts are set a guard, the railings have set up a security door switch, trip terminals equipped with end, slip line with block hook.

Double Girder Grab Bucket Overhead Crane

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