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Gantry cranes classified by application

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1. Ordinary gantry crane

This kind of crane adopts box type and truss structure, which has the most extensive use. Can carry a variety of articles and bulk materials, lifting weight of less than 100 tons, span of 4 ~ 39 meters. The working level of ordinary gantry crane with grab bucket is higher. Common gantry crane mainly refers to the hook, grab, electromagnetic, hoist gantry crane, also including half gantry crane.

2. Hydropower station gantry crane
It is mainly used for lifting and opening and closing gate, and can also be installed. It has a lifting weight of 80 ~ 500 tons and a small span of 8 ~ 16 meters. The lifting speed is low, 1 ~ 5 m/min. Although this crane is not often lifted, but once the use of work is very heavy, so appropriate to raise the level of work.

3. Shipbuilding gantry crane
Used for assembling the hull on the berth, there are two lifting trolleys: one has two main hooks, which run on the track of the flange on the bridge; The other, with a main hook and a secondary hook, runs on a track under the bridge flange to flip and lift large hull sections. Lifting weight is generally 100 ~ 1500 tons; The span is 185 meters; The lifting speed is 2 ~ 15 m/min, and the fretting speed is 0.1 ~ 0.5 m/min.

4. Container gantry crane
Used in container terminals. a trailer that unloads a ship's wall carrier bridge from a ship.

After being transported to the yard or the rear, the container gantry crane can be piled up or directly loaded onto the truck, which can speed up the turnover of container carrier bridge or other cranes. Can pile up 3 ~ 4 layers high, wide 6 rows of containers yard, generally used in the form of tires, but also useful rail. Compared with the container gantry crane, its span and the height on both sides of the gantry are larger. In order to meet the transportation needs of the port wharf, this kind of crane works at a higher level. Lifting speed is 8 ~ 10 m/min; The span is determined by the number of rows of containers that need to be crossed. The maximum size is about 60 meters, corresponding to the starting weights of 20 tons, 30 tons and 40 feet long containers are about 20 tons, 25 tons and 30 tons respectively.

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