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Gantry crane is very practical and applicable

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The gantry crane with electric hoist is based on the bridge crane, and the appearance design has been changed and modified. Most are used outdoors, often installed in cargo yards, ports, etc. to load and unload cargo. It is widely used and has many classifications. According to different classifications, its functions are not very different.
The shape of the gantry crane is very similar to a door for loading and unloading cargo. The door frame is made of metal, with two feet carrying the main beam, and the feet are equipped with wheels, which can move on the track. The ends of the main beam are also extended to meet the needs. Only two feet support the ground, so the area is small, the applicability is strong, it is more versatile, and it is used in many places.
There are many types of cranes, and their doors are also classified: the first is a full-door type, which is operated by a trolley within the span limit; the second is a half-door type, with different heights of the feet. set.
Then cantilever doors are divided into single girder and double girder, and double girder gantry cranes are very common. Single girder gantry cranes are very restricted by the form of the site.
Gantry cranes are very practical, and they are large machines that move slowly in cycles. Knowing the classification of door frames of gantry cranes will greatly benefit the use of gantry cranes. Do not lift when the load is exceeded; that is, the object cannot be lifted when the weight of the object exceeds the load of the crane;
The light is dim and the weight is unknown. The slings and accessories are not tightly bound and do not meet the safety requirements. The objects to be lifted must be firmly fixed to avoid falling midway. The heavy objects in transport cannot be processed. If they are to be processed, the heavy objects must be dropped. It cannot be lifted at an angle or slantedly; if the items to be lifted are not neatly arranged, the driver cannot operate the crane.
The person standing on the workpiece or the moving object does not lift; when there is a moving object standing on the workpiece, there will be a great safety hazard, and the machine cannot be operated at this time. Explosive items such as oxygen cylinders and acetylene generators are not suspended; explosive products have hidden safety hazards. Objects with corners and blocks have not been cushioned (to prevent the wire rope from being worn or cut) and are not to be hoisted. Objects buried in the ground are not lifted without measures; objects buried in the ground cannot be lifted because of many unknown conditions. The command signal is unknown, and the illegal command is not hoisted. The driver must strictly follow the command when operating the crane.

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