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Gantry Crane Operating Instruction

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1.Track rail gantry crane

This type crane adopts box type and truss type structure, and most widely used. It can use to carry

bulk materials and goods. Lifting capacity below 100Ton, Span is 4-45m. The working class of grab bucket

gantry crane is more higher. General gantry crane mainly refers to grab, hook, electric magnetic chuck and

hoist gantry crane, also contacts semi-gantry crane.

2.Hydro power station gantry crane

Mainly used to lifting and closing the gate, also can do install works. Lifting capacity reach to 80-500ton,

the span is 8-16m, very small, the lifting speed is slow of 1-5m/min. This type crane is not often lifting,

but work is very heavy, so need to improve the working class.

3.Rail type container gantry crane

Used in wharf. The trailer truck unload the container from ship to the yard or behind, then container gantry crane

stack up the containers or directly loading the truck, it can speed up the container carrying and other cranes turnover.

Stacking high is 3-4 layers, 6 rows container yard wide. Generally use rubber type, also can use track rail type.

This type crane’s working class is very high. Lifting speed is 8-10m/min, Span need to according to the number of

container raw. The max span is 60m, corresponding to 20 feet, 30feet,40feet containers, the weight are about 20ton, 25ton,30ton.

gantry crane3

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