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Gantry Crane Classification

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First, according to the gantry frame structure
1. Full gantry crane: the main beam has no overhang, and the trolley is carried out within the main span;
2. Semi gantry crane: The height of the legs is different, which can be determined according to the civil construction requirements of the site.
3. Double cantilever gantry crane: A more common structural form, the structural force and effective use of the site area are reasonable.
4. Single cantilever gantry crane: This type of construction is often chosen due to site constraints.
Second, the main beam structure
1. Truss beam
The structural form welded by angle steel or I-beam has the advantages of low cost, light weight and good wind resistance. However, due to the many welding points and the defects of the truss itself, the truss beam also has large deflection, low rigidity, relatively low reliability, and frequent defects such as solder joints. It is suitable for sites with low safety requirements and small lifting capacity.
2. Box girder
The steel plate is welded into a box structure, which has the characteristics of high safety and high rigidity. It is generally used for gantry cranes with large tonnage and large tonnage. Box girder also has the disadvantages of high cost, self-importance and poor wind resistance.
Third, the main beam form
1. Single main beam
The single main beam gantry crane has a simple structure, convenient manufacturing and installation, and its own small quality, and the main beam is mostly a derailed box-shaped frame structure. Compared to double girder gantry cranes, the overall stiffness is weaker. Therefore, when the lifting weight Q ≤ 50 t and the span S ≤ 35 m, this form can be employed. Single main girder gantry crane legs are available in both L- and C-type versions. The L-type is easy to manufacture and install, and the force is good, and its own quality is small. However, the space for lifting cargo through the legs is relatively small. The C-shaped legs are made of a slanted or curved shape with the purpose of having a large lateral space for the goods to pass smoothly through the legs.
2. Double main beam
The double main girder gantry crane has strong bearing capacity, large span, good overall stability and many varieties, but its own quality is larger than the single girder gantry crane of the same lifting weight, and the cost is also higher. According to the main beam structure, it can be divided into two types: box beam and truss. Generally, a box-shaped structure is used.
Safety Devices
1. Overload limiter.
2. High quality, long-term use, impact-resistant polyurethane buffer.
3. Crane travel limit switch.
4. Loss of pressure protection, phase protection.
5. Emergency stop system.
6. Lift the height limiter.

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