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Gantry Crane Assembly

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Do you wonder how gantry crane assembly?

1. Preparation of gantry crane installation, first of all to clean up the environment of installation,
avoid the bad place for coming parts.Then installation personnel should deal with the part’s performance,
then do mark and confirm whether any parts are missing at the same time. Installation tools also need to be ready,
and placed in a safe and convenient location.

2. The specific order of gantry crane installation: firstly install the main girder in correct place by truck crane, in accordance with the instruction and then install walking platform.Then install the big wheel box on the cart track, get the diagonal position and fixed well.By truck crane to lift one leg and then install and fix well by fastener, through the wire rope and manual hoist for adjustment and then fix on the anchor;then assemble the other side in same way, and make the two sides legs exactly vertically to the ground .

3. Through truck crane to fix main girder and the legs, pay attention to the fastening of the main girder, it is not allowed to loosen the shackle if the girder not fasten well .When assemble the crane’s framework , with the aid of the truck crane install the trolley on the track rail, and adjust the clearance to best state, after tighten all the attachments and pave the electrical well, then can run the tests, after installation and acceptance by quality inspection department, gantry crane can come into operation.

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