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Function of Rope Guide

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Electric hoist rope guide makes wire rope in orderly winding thread Groove on the drum to avoid cross-slot winding or overlaping. But in the procedure of using, existing some wear on the electric hoist rope guide, this is very serious and has lost the function of guide ropes. 

While maintenance workers are not processed in a timely manner. So when the wire in short circuit, control circuit in failure, but hanging hook still raising with materials, rope guide cannot function. Wire rope in overlapping winding, stopper is unlimited, cannot make power failure, and finally hook electric hoist shell deformation, hook and the load fell, nearly causing accidents of life. After checking connections stretch on the rope guide, lead the rope guide deformation, not to guide rope. After changing the link can rope guide work normally.

In order to prevent accidents, following points should noted:

1) Electric hoist contact shall be installed master switch , to cut off the power supply timely manner to prevent accidents.

(2) If wire guide damaged, electric hoist mustn’t operate.


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