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Four Rope Grab Principle of Work

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Four rope grabs are by the fluctuation and the make and break two kind of organization form coordination work, mainly with has two groups to lift the organization bridge type, the gate type hoist crane necessary use, carries on the load, unloads a vehicle, the extension piles, works and so on feeding.

In the bridge type driving, has two group of electrical machinery reels (i.e. electric hoist), each group of reels draw out two steel wires, two become a group to fix separately in the grab balancing stand both sides makes the support to use, another group of steel wires after the main traverse pulley with under crossbeam pulley, the composition block and tackle, lift shut fight a function.

When the work starts, supports the steel wire to hang the grab in the appropriate position, then lays down the make and break steel wire, by now will depend on the crossbeam the dead weight force to fight the below crossbeam macro-axis to fight for the center to open, when fought to open to two auricles bumped the block to bump into, namely fights to open to the biggest limit. Opens when fights, the main traverse pulley and under the crossbeam pulley center distance enlarge, then the support steel wire falls, has opened the grab, falls on above the loose deposit which must capture, again draws in the make and break steel cable, restores the main traverse pulley with under crossbeam pulley center distance to the original position, has like this completed the capture material process. In closed fights in to pack the material, finally promotes the make and break steel wire, the entire grab is also slung, moves after the driving needs the dumping place ground, opens material which fights dismounts captures.


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