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Fixed column jib crane features

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Fixed-column jib cranes (also known as column jib cranes, column-type jib cranes, column-type cantilever cranes, column-type jib cranes, fixed-column jib cranes, fixed-column cantilever cranes) are adapted to modern production. A new generation of lightweight hoisting equipment.

The utility model has the advantages of novel structure, reasonableness, simplicity, convenient operation and operation, flexible rotation and large working space, and is an energy-saving and efficient material lifting equipment. It can be widely used in the production line of factory mines, workshops, assembly lines and machine tools, and lifting of heavy objects in warehouses, docks, etc. The fixed column jib crane is composed of a column device, a slewing device, a spiral arm device and a chain electric hoist, etc., and mainly includes an upper column, a lower column, a main beam, a main beam tie rod, a hoisting mechanism (a chain electric hoist), and a slewing Institutions, electrical systems, ladders and maintenance platforms. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation, and the arm is rotated, which can be rotated according to the user's needs. The swivel part is divided into manual swivel and electric swivel. The electric chain hoist is mounted on the arm track for lifting heavy objects.

The fixed-column jib crane is equipped with the highly reliable KOIO-type electric chain hoist. It is especially suitable for short distance, frequent use and intensive lifting operation. It has high efficiency, energy saving, trouble saving, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, etc. Features. The electric chain hoist has the function of lifting and running back and forth on the beam. The arm beam can be driven by the speed reducer on the slewing device to rotate, and the electrical control box is installed on the chain hoist.

This unit is operated by the flashlight button. The flashlight has eight buttons that control the level of fast rise, fast fall, slow rise, slow drop, left and right turn and hoist trolley. Note: 1. Do not press the speed button and the reverse button of the same motor at the same time. 2. When working, it is forbidden to stand under the boom. 3. It is forbidden to drag heavy objects. 4. prohibit overload lifting

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